Klienditugi Ltd. is the only professional B2B sales agency in Estonia that guides companies to develop existing and establish new customer relations in Baltics and selected countries.

Who do we help

The key customers of Klienditugi Ltd. are companies that exchange products, services or information with other companies (B2B). We have helped more than 500 companies to successfully grow their business.

Klienditugi klient

Jõulugala is the largest b2b christmas party

Klienditugi klient

More than 30 million litres of gasoline a year

Klienditugi klient

Over 500 arranged sales meetings

Klienditugi klient

+1000 new business customers in one year

Klienditugi klient

More than 2000 new business meetings

Klienditugi klient

Best fleet car brand in the Baltics

Klienditugi klient

Turnover from zero to million euros in 5 years

Our team

Here are the people who introduce you best concept to help you reach new customers

Siim Salme CEO/Customer Data Specialist (+372) 53 4000 30 siim@klienditugi.ee
Kaspar Rohtla Partner/CRM Specialist (+372) 56 555 05 kaspar@klienditugi.ee
Rene Sildvee Partner/Sales Specialist (+372) 55 664 842 rene@klienditugi.ee
Annika Päll Project Manager (+372) 5563 5444 annika@klienditugi.ee
Jüri Salme Copywriter (+372) 6 876 077 jyri@klienditugi.ee

Technical support

Edvin Lars E-Marketing specialist (+372) 58 585 887 edvin@klienditugi.ee
Herbert-Ken Ümera CRM Specialist (+372) 56 271 562 ken@klienditugi.ee

PreSales is conducted by

Zaiga Oborenko Latvia
Ingrida Ramonaitiene Lithuania
Juha Granlund Scandinavia and South Africa

For the media

Klienditugi Ltd. is the only professional B2B sales agency located in Estonia that guides companies to develop existing and establish new business customer relations in mainly Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. We also assist with sales increase in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and in various other regions of the world. During the time Klienditugi Ltd. has been in business we have helped approximately 500 companies develop their sales in Estonia and other countries. Our biggest clients are Alexela Group companies, Securitas, Nordica and Seesam. Klienditugi Ltd. is based on private equity and all owners are actively taking part of the company management.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Contact us

Klienditugi Ltd.

Registration number: 11091789
VAT number: EE101235282
Tondi 51, Tallinn 11316, Estonia